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Custom Domain for BioLink

Add Custom Domain on Tapbiolink Profile

You can add a custom domain or sub-domain to Tapbiolink. This can help your fans
to visit your bio link using your own domain instead of default bio link like

Step 1: Add the DNS record in your Domain Registrar DNS Settings.

Open Domain Registrar DNS Settings (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, etc.)


Note: You only need to setup one record. So follow either Option A or Option B. After doing any one option then move to Step 2.

Note: It takes 20 minutes to 48 hours for DNS propagation or activation. But most of time, DNS propagation takes 20 to 30 minutes.


Option A: If you’re setting up a sub-domain (e.g.

If you want to use sub-domain as a custom domain on tapbiolink then enter details as mentioned below:

  • Click on Add
  • Select CNAME from Type list
  • In the Name/Host field, enter link  (or whatever sub-domain name you want)
  • In the value field, enter


Option B: If you are setting up on your base or root domain (

If you want to use root domain then enter DNS details as mentioned below:

  • Click on Add record
  • Select A record from Type list
  • In the Name/Host field, enter @
  • In value field, enter the ip address (Ignore IP address in screenshot)

DNS A Record for Custom Domain


Note: This should be only ‘A’ record needed to point on the host/value @  on your DNS settings for your domain.
Remove/Delete other  ‘A’ record if they are pointing to @ name/host if you notice.

(Multiple A record on the “@” host will compete and prevent your domain from working).


Step 2: Add the custom domain on your Tapbiolink account

Go to your Tapbiolink Custom Domain settings:



  • In Domain or subdomain field, enter your custom domain or sub-domain.

For example,  or


  • Click on create button and wait for your domain activation from Tapbiolink team members.


Once activated, you are all set!