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How to Gain Followers on Instagram and TikTok

Are you also struggling hard to increase the number of your followers? Are you looking for a step-by-step guide that can help you experience a high traffic rate? Well, if these are your questions then take a sigh of relief as you have come to the right place. Be all eyes and brains for the next few minutes because what you will gain from this, will actually last long.

If your main focus is the growth of your traffic then one thing which needs to be thrown light on is that anything other your potential customers is a sheer waste of resources. And hence, anything that doesn’t have any connection with your potential market should not be wasted your limited resources on. All in all, the key to enhancing your audience lies in identifying the target one and taking due steps to satisfy their needs. The process of increasing one’s audience can actually turn out to be a slow and monotonous one if not worked on strategically.

But in the end, it is a well-known fact that it is not the number of your audience matters, the victory lies in achieving a higher engagement from your community. As soon as you start valuing the quality of the customers over the quantity of the customers, the chances of achieving your goals start multiplying. An appropriate and robust measure of how well your business is performing is observing the authenticity of the traffic.

Let us now dwell deep into those practical tips that can actually help you increase your traffic.

The below-mentioned points give you a crystal-clear idea of how you can convert the numbers in your head into actual traffic.

1. Try to be as authentic as you can

The more you try to incorporate authenticity in your daily business, the more your customers will sense Genuity in your brand. With the global market expanding itself at an astounding rate, the level of sophistication in the aware customers is at its peak. As a result, there is no way to get out of the loop and settling your customers for anything less than their complex demands. So, it is always better to begin things with problem planning regarding what the company stands, what is it going to deal in, and who is going to be its potential market.

2. Try to build strong relationships with your Community

One of the best ways to grow your community is to enhance your presence in other individual organizations. From here arises the concept of supporting and helping each other to grow. It is something that most of us have done for a long time. Supporting each other can way easier than you think. All you need to do is to assist each other by liking their posts besides giving positive reviews. A very positive sign can be sharing stories of other brands on various social media networking sites. This way, you can build competency and healthy-competition in your respective community.

3. Try to give as Engaging and Original Content as you can

The best way to attract more and more visitors to your website is to create a very unique content for your website. Create such content that helps your potential market to draw the answers to their questions. Analyze how useful your content is proving out for your visitors and as per regular and close assessments try to make due customizations to your website. Creativity is the gateway that can make you achieve a greater market share. There are various ways of grabbing the attention of your potential market. You can do so by posting eye-catching pictures, entertaining videos, and informational articles. Well, plain-speaking that only thing that is worth mentioning is that you take care of the needs of the customers i.e. what your customers actually want and always believe that once you focus on this, rest will take care of itself.

4. Give a shot to user-generated content

Once you have started working in a community, do not step back from sharing such content of other individuals that relate to your work directly. So, all you need to do is to re-share such content that has been posted by others. And that is how you can let the feeling of competitiveness prevail. Always tag the other individual whose product you are sharing. And if possible then try to add them to your Linktree as well. The only critical point lies in choosing what to share and what not to share. Many times, you can find yourself surrounded by a lot of posts in your community which would you find pretty compatible with your niche. But hey, can you afford to share all of them? The straightforward answer is not at all. What are the disadvantages of not being selective in your approach? Though there are numerous disadvantages, the one that can be highly toxic to your business is that it can start interpreting your own business submissive to other ones.

5. Embrace Tags like never before

Tagging is one way that can automatically take you to your potential customers. When people are ardently interested in knowing more about a certain topic, a brand, or a thing, then tags play a very deciding role in the same. Understanding tagging more, let us begin with the types of tags.

There are three types of tags mainly.

# Hashtags: The first type of tag is Hashtag. In the case of Hashtag, you need to be very specific when it comes to research. It is expected of you to begin a quest for those hashtags which are the most searched ones. The quality of visitors you attract depends majorly on how much you research on hashtags. You can also create and use your own hashtags as well.

# Geotags: As the name suggests, Geotags refer to location tags that can be used in posts and stories of Instagram and Facebook. Geotags increase your visibility and reachability to those people who search for those geotags that you incorporate into your posts.

# Tagging with Other Accounts: A very positive sign of collaboration can be tagging other users and giving them due credit as per their contribution. That is how you can not only increase the visibility of your product and can also communicate the value of your brands to others as well.

6. Stay as Consistent as You can

There have been numerous instances when individuals with very high-quality content could not establish themselves as notable brands. When the key element i.e. the content was up to the point then what could have the reason been? Well, the answer lies inconsistency. No marketing strategy in the world can help you to succeed if you are inconsistent with your work. When you keep on posting content on a regular note you actually keep on strengthening your bond with your potential visitors. Also, sticking to a definite strategy would help you go with the process without any hassles or interruptions. For instance, you decided to update a new video every Thursday and arranging contests every Sunday. If you are also planning something like this, then try not to depart from it any cost. When you train your mind to stick to a plan and devote all your resources to the same then your efforts are reverted to your customers. And once the customers catch hold of consistency in your show, they are bound to become inclined to your brand. The concept of creating and sharing a content calendar has gained a lot of popularity these days. If you are also having a content calendar in your bucket list, try starting working on it. The more you customize your calendar, the more appealing and tempting it would be found by your customers. All in all, direct your mind to stay consistent.

7. Make an Assessment of what is Working the Most

When all your efforts are directed towards the achievement of more audience then you should leave no stone unturned in analyzing what suits your business and whatnot Try to use the most appropriate follower analytic application. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn all have a very robust and dynamic system for the followers’ analytics. But all of them depict a difference in their respective plans. So, it is always advised to assess the application as per their pros and cons and your requirements as well. As we mention the followers’ analytics, there arises the need for understanding what is Raw Follower Count. Raw Follower Count is merely a measure of how much your audience is growing and most importantly, at what rate.

8. Try consistent experimentations with your formats

It happens quite often that despite fulfilling all the basic needs, achieving more visitors still seems an unrealized goal. In such cases, you can give way to IGTV or can try more exciting story formats on Instagram. And never regard one platform as the only destination to achieving your goals. There are myriad platforms that can be used for strategically connecting with your visitors on a very higher level. Recently, a lot of platforms have emerged that offer an amazingly high rate of customization. So, never the less, you still have the chance to try them out.

9. Share All Your Work

You can certainly implement the above eight pieces of advice with utmost efficiency but nothing would be yielded unless you share your work with others. Try to share your work with our audience as much as you can. You can share your work on your social media handles, add link to social media bio can promote it by adding stories, and can also use newsletters for more returns. All in all, it is suggested to do implement your curiosity in the best possible manner you can which helps you gain more traffic.

10. Stay updated to the needs of your Target Market

An ever-changing and a dynamic environment is the part and a parcel of business. In order to survive in the long-run, it is always expected of one to keep a keen eye on what the customers are demanding and what is going out of trend. Once you start giving value to your customers, Kudos to you as you are half-way to achieving your goals. A lot of businesses fail because they could not maintain their pace with the needs of the vibrant market. With the preferences of the customers fluctuating at a very high rate, it is becoming quite challenging for all the businesses to maintain a perfect tuning with the customers. You can use a number of analytics to make out the same.

Business is surely not a cakewalk rather it a throne of thorns. If you want to succeed in business and realize a lot of unexplored aspects of it then each and every step of yours needs to be taken very prudently. In such a highly competitive business environment, if one wants to establish oneself as a powerful brand then the success of mantra lies in understanding that no business strategy is going to last long. Business is governed by its environment. Taking into account the Political, Social, and Economic environment of the Business, the various aspects of it are supposed to be planned. Nowadays when online business is all the rage, a lot of businesses are trying their best to accomplish themselves as the ultimate destination to their potential customers.

If you take care of the above-mentioned ten basic points to achieving more audience then can surely find a difference in the rate of the growth of your audience. When a lot of businesses are running after achieving just the traffic, it is always better to seek the quality of customers. Choosing quality over quantity may not benefit in the short run but the ultimate value and returns out of it can only be achieved in the long-term. So, the next time you start brooding at the aspect of a low traffic rate, try not to forget that if you want to be a proud owner of an awe-inspiring business then patience is the gateway to there. With patience and the implementation of a well-planned business, strategy, you can achieve not only more audience but can also establish your brand as a value-giver one. With all the best wishes, we hope that you try to add more productive elements to your business and witness it heightening.