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7 Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram and TikTok

When you think of making something out of Instagram, the platform only provides a single bio link to make use of. If you are a marketing agent or want to optimize the profile to gain users to a particular blog or channel, this single link won’t do that much good. The same goes for TikTok too, as this nearly gets impossible with a single link for Instagram bio link tools. Using the link in bio tools can free you of that problem and use proper links without re-changing the last link for your content. Well, optimizing your Instagram or TikTok links isn’t that easy after all. But with these 7 Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram and Tiktok, your bio link will be as good as magic.

Link in Bio Tool

Here are the 7 best links in bio tools for Instagram and TikTok.

1. TapBioLink

With a simple designed UI that is easy for everyone to use, Tap bio or TapbioLink is an incredible link in bio tool that provides you with most of the customization options to play with. It can get you to customize and manage your websites into small brands with all the links that you usually share in your Instagram account. The actual landing page is an extension provided by links that use cards. Aside, there is also a single call to action view and it greatly increases the chance of followers and other users clicking on the link itself.


1. Uses cards as an extension for the main landing page.

2. Increased chances of clicks via the single call to action view.

3. Free of cost at most as bio link tools outmost property.

4. A better featured premium subscription to get even more cards.


2. Shorby

One of the best of all link in bio tools to optimize Instagram and TikTok account for more visits, Shorby comes with not just one, but three tools in one package. It is easily usable on all sorts of social networks to be used for linking. The Smartpages tool of the shorby system designates a single page with all the links that matter to you along with the main content. You can even add videos, gifs, and enhance it even more, which makes it one of the best bio link tools.


1. It provides cross platforming social media accounts for better profit.

2. Relational add of stickers for more enhancement.

3. You can add custom content blocks and links.

4. Offers retargeting support with ads.

3. Linktree


The best feature of linktree is that the tool is available for free, unlike shorby which comes with a limited set of features (though very useful for biolink). The best part is that you can use tons of links, limitless in numbers, and even choose an astonishing plethora of themes for the best customization. Like YouTube tracking, you can count the linktree page is visited and the initial impressions on each link.

Pros :

1. No limit to links. Create as many as you want.

2. Highly customizable unlike other tools.

3. Support for the embedding of videos right into the links.

4. Full open support for integrating emails too.

4. Lnk.Bio

One of the best link in bio link tools and the top of all high-class Instagram bio link tools that are even usable for TikTok, Lnk.Bio is also the simplest and crucial bio linking tool. The Instagram UI Design gets integrated with its theme, although the system is not customizable by default until future updates. Aside, support for Instagram profile link is at large and you can place a good number of links to use.


1. You can even add a custom URL to your bio.

2. Cross-linking all social media platforms is also available.

3. Provides efficient and real-time link tracking.

4. It comes with the white label too.

5. Plannthat

Plannthat is all in one social media scheduling tool to plan and schdule your content on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social media platform. In addition to its post scheduling capabilities, Plannthat offers a variety of features that make it one of the top Instagram tools like collaboration, content calendar, visual planner and bio link feature.

Plannthat Pros:

Plannthat has several pros that set it apart from other Instagram schedulers:

1. It provides great stats and hashtag research.

2. It also comes with readymade templates from a variety of niches.

3. A link in bio tool to create bio pages for Instagram and TikTok

4. It supports team collaboration within the platform.

6. Milkshake


You can create an easy supported Instagram website and then use it for your marketing and then link in bio tools. With this done, your bio link is now an actual Instagram website and your followers can interact with you there. The swipe feature is integrated into the app and allows your followers to browse your stories and content all in one place.


1. You can easily customize any sort of card on how and why you need it.

2. Analytics, impression counts, and all sorts of insights in one place.

3. You can easily invite anyone to interact with you in a single click.

4. Paypal integrated system for the customers to buy anything.

7. Link In Profile

Although the tool is a paid one, Link in the profile is one of the best tools that you can use as one of your prior Instagram bio link tools. Your official Instagram images will be provided with links and your traffic transformation right into your website will be as easy as counting numbers.


1. Completely customizable and dedicated landing page support.

2. The full strength of analytics, data, impressions, and stats to measure your throughput clicks.

3. Your Instagram name and DP can also be used on the landing page.

4. All support for commercial links like shop pages or affiliate links to try for.

8. Leadpages

You can use a different strategy to optimize and index your Instagram profile link and bio link into the leadpage’s set host pages. The pages are available on the leadpages’ platform for you to use. And one of the most crucial advantages of Leadpages as one of top-rated bio link tools is that you don’t even require to have your website at all. It matches a lot with the common tool thrive architect. But here, you can easily make an already designed template and use it for everything.


1. The useful drag and drop editor is available with leadpages.

2. Built-in a payment system that makes it easy for you to earn money with ease.

3. It does even have a WordPress tool integration.

4. Integrated email-based marketing system with auto mailing.

So, these are the 7 Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram and Tiktok you can use to optimize your bio link and easily draw in visitors.